Services & Partners

Marine Operation and HSEQ Advisory for LNG/FSRU Floating Terminals/Projects

We are providing support on all types of Marine Operations and HSEQ-related topics for the FSRU/LNG sector (regasification of LNG, loading & discharging, and STS operations connected to floating regas terminals and shore-side infrastructure).

On the HSEQ-side, we are providing support on Vetting and TMSA inspections (preparation and follow-up) and we are carrying out Management and Environmental system audits.

FSRU/LNG Terminal Operations & Solutions
  • Project Planning, Commissioning Phase and Start-up
  • Risk Assessments during Project and Operational Phase (HAZID, HAZOP, LOPA etc.)
  • Revisions of Management Systems
  • Environmental Impact Studies
  • Ship-Shore Compatibility Studies (SSCS)
  • Mooring and Navigational Studies
  • Onboard and Onshore Training For Crew
  • Security Measure Advisory on FSRU/at Port
  • Assessments of the Vessels and Operation Teams
  • Solutions to Operational and Technical Challenges
Audits & Inspections
  • Management and Environmental System Audits (Carry out ISM, ISPS, ISO audits)
  • Preparation and Support to the Crew and Vessel prior to Arrival on FSRU Site for commissioning
  • Vetting Preparations (Preparation of the crew and vessel prior to SIRE inspection and also follow ups)
  • Support on TMSA Audits (Tanker Management and Self Assessment) for all Regas/FSRU and LNG procedures.
  • Navigation, Safety, Cargo and Mooring Equipment audits (Conducting Audits on behalf of Ship, Charterer or Port/Terminal Operators)
Maritime End User Advisory for New Technology and R&D Projects

We have years of End User advisory experience pertaining to Maritime R&D projects, this includes user requirements, testing, validation, and suggestions for improvements. The full cycle from the vision to the final product at Technical Readiness Level 9 (commercialization), for both public and privately funded projects. We have also coordinated an European Commission (EC) funded project and we can connect you with one of our partners. If you are interested in Proposal Writing services or other advisory regarding public funding in Europe or in the United Kingdom, see below for further information on our partners.


Offshore Monitoring Ltd
Optimum AB
Propel Smartr
Cloud Towing Tank


Ladar Ltd
GOTA Ship Managment
Color Line AS
Team Tankers International
Offshore Navigation Ltd
Smartr AB
The Cyprus Institute
Chalmers Technical University
Simon Mokster Shipping