6th General Assembly & Kick-Out Meeting of the MARINA Project – Summary

The Global Maritime Services Limited (GMS) team attended the MARINA Project’s 6th General Assembly and Kick-Out meeting in Cyprus last week.

Following a welcome note by Project Coordinator and Host, Offshore Monitoring Limited (OSM), a series of presentations were delivered, including a detailed Project Overview, a breakdown of significant project milestones, and a review of Work Packages (WP) Status Reports. OSM began the presentations by providing a technical status of the software suite, followed by hardware presentations by Hjelmstad AS (HAS) and discussions on commercialization strategies led by Ladar Limited (LDR) and Global Maritime Services Limited (GMS). Jorgen Grindevoll, CEO of LDR, concluded the presentation series with a demonstration of the current LadarTM Sensor Suite technology.

This gathering was instrumental in laying the groundwork for future strategies for the LadarTM Sensor Suite as the next generation of maritime security solutions. OSM expressed gratitude to all project partners, recognizing their collaborative efforts and steadfast dedication in meeting milestones and ensuring consistent progress right from day one.